December 1, 2011


Sorry about the "radio silence" recently. Chalk it up to another busy week. I could tell you about all the crazy things going on in the classroom but I'd rather tell you about how I've been drawing monsters with my kindergartners and its just about the most hilarious thing in the world. I never realized how gory a 5-year-old boy could be, "Look Ms. B, my monster is eating a person. And grabbing a person. And stepping on a person." Yikes.

I always draw one first, as an example, and I secretly get really into it because the kids just go nuts, "So first I will start with a big oval for the I'm going to do a circle for the head...and now I want to add some eye balls..." they start to point and say things like "Whoa! cool!" "Now, I'm going to give him spiky hair and claws!" More excited laughter and ohhing and ahhing.

Then they get started. They talk to each other about their monsters. "Mine is eating a swamp!" One girl's monster had eyeballs going all around the body. Another student made a story about hers saying it could eat up all the trash. And a little boy in my last class said his monster was wearing a t-shirt that had a picture of a monster farting.

How perfectly creative (and kind of gross) they are.

[images via google image search]

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