December 5, 2011

Grateful for...

I feel like I have so many things to be grateful for today (not that I don't every day). It truly was a great day and I feel like its been way too long since I've felt that way about a weekday. To be straight, this student teaching thing has not only been exhausting but extremely challenging, making me question if teaching is right for me. I have 3 more weeks left and for a while I have been just counting down the days. But I'm really tired of doing that, I'm tired of just trying to get through the day...its not worth it.

I prayed so specifically this morning that God would help me to have a good day, to laugh at all the funny things kids say, to enjoy teaching, to love my students, to really serve my co-operating teacher and listen to all her advice and help. I prayed for so many other things today too and really knew that God would answer it.

I got to school and there was a card from my co-op teacher thanking me for all my help and effort I put in on Friday and saying how she thinks I'm really getting the hang of this teaching "thing". It was exactly what I needed. There were plenty of odd moments with students, funny things they said, and even a motivational speech from a kindergardener to one of his classmates that was struggling to draw a train about the importance of practice and how nobody draws perfectly. And the thing that topped it all off was that a 7th grader said I did the best "lean with it, rock with it" (long story, but just know thats a complement considering I am very much a white girl teaching in a city school).

And on top of a good day at work, other people that I also prayed for this morning said that what I prayed for helped. I love seeing how God answers so many prayers, some bigger than others, and sometimes its not always right away, but how amazing it is to know that he hears and cares. That is what I am most grateful for.

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