December 18, 2011

'Tis The Season...

I have some catching up to do. A case of strep throat knocked me out this past week. I blame it on working with small children and their limited knowledge on a technique involving the placement of your hand over your mouth when you sneeze (or cough, or yell too excitedly so that you end up spitting on people, etc).

I have some photos from my roommate Jen's birthday to share (really its only the decorations because I got distracted and forgot to take photos of everyone) as well as some photos from our household's gift exchange today (I faired better and got less distracted with the camera this time around).

before decorating the tree. p.s. it was Travis's birthday.

There's a long story behind this mustache. But the short version is that its from Travis's.

After decorating the tree. There was a precise way we had to go about this. Jen couldn't handle any "bald spots"

Opening up the blankets that Rochelle got us

Jen's new oven mit

Playing Bananagrams, my gift from Jen

Hope your holidays are going well. And strep throat free.

p.s. We're about to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, which means the season has officially begun in my book.  


  1. These photographs are beautiful - I'm glad you conquered the Sore Throat.. Being sick is no fun during the holidays!

    I love the "rent is due remember" above the happy birthday wishes :)))

    sending you happy spells


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