January 4, 2012


My brother and I in Wyoming                                   

I had a plan today. My plan was to be an errand-running super-woman.

Its 12:30. Zero errands completed.

But you know what? I did a whole lot of other things like sell some pottery on Etsy, land a freelance job as a photographer for a shoot in the spring for this beautiful line of knitwear*, and register myself on the Pittsburgh Artists Registry.

So I think I will go reward myself with lunch and put on some Louis Armstrong on the record player.

Then, off to do those errands...

*pssst, check out her blog...I once also did some modeling for her...check that out here


  1. for errands? sounds like you made a good trade!

  2. Aww, thanx for the shout out! I look forward to working with you <3



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