January 3, 2012

Nigel Peak

I recently bought a book of drawings by Nigel Peak called, "In The Wilds". With only a few flips through it I was hooked. Ideas for ceramic pieces I wanted to make instantly came to mind while I looked at his drawings. Thats how I knew it was a keeper.

"I recently found out that the people in the village where I live think I am a postman, which is nice because I like the post, but also because you can make drawings without anyone knowing."

"I would say that most of my work is a combination of fact and fiction. I like to look at things, remember them, forget them, and then re-imagine and think of them when I am drawing and allow them to move around. The process of drawing is working these things out on the page. Like a conversation between two friends who have not seen each other in a while."

[quotes and images found via The Morning News]

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