January 3, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Happy New Year Folks. I hope you had fun ringing it in. I've never been much of a go-crazy-with-confetti-and-hats-and-noise-makers-and-huge-crowds-of-people type person, so I always feel a little conflicted about how to celebrate.

This year was a perfect mix of random plans that seemed to fit me perfectly. My best friend (really more like a sister) Kate was in town visiting so Jen and I got to have plenty of time with one of our dearest friends. It was such a blessing to be around two of my favorite people in the world. We spent the day painting our nails with bright purple glitter nail polish (because, as we all know, you can't ring in the new year without glitter), drove to one of me and Jen's favorite neighborhoods, Braddock, to take photos of all the murals, went out to dinner at Mad Mex, came home to watch a movie and then quickly drove to a spot where we hoped to see the fireworks. We didn't end up seeing them but we had our own sparklers on hand just in case.

2012 feels like such an uncertain year for me. I am no longer in school and so for once in my life there is no plan of action, no classes to sign up for, no preconceived formula of how my year will look. I have decided to put teaching on hold which is a scary and (kind of) liberating decision. Recently I have felt a deeper passion to pursue my own artwork and see if I can really turn it into business of some sort. I still love working with children and have such a passion for art education so I'm trying to think creatively about how I can marry all of these things together. I've seen so many talented and creative people recently start up their own business endeavors and it gives me hope that I just might be able to join them.

So here's to twenty twelve and all the possibilities it holds.


  1. NEW YEARS EVE 2011!!! or, alternatively, NEW YEARS 2012!!!!

  2. were these photos taken here in Pgh? I love the abstract shapes & colors <3 btw that would be great for a back drop for the shoot!


  3. Tye, I was thinking the same thing! Yes, they were taken around Pgh. When the time gets closer I think I'll scout out some more possible areas


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