March 12, 2012

The Selby

Happy Monday folks. Blogging has been scarce because I now spend 8 hours a day with 10 adorable toddlers, repeating the phrases "We do not play in the sink. Walk away from the sink. Turn off the sink. The book does not go in the sink" The sink is my enemy. I actually considered researching "how to break toddlers from a sink obsession" on google.

Anyway, lets switch gears here. While my day job may not be as art intensive as I'd like (although, I'm sure you could argue that wrestling a crayon out of a toddler's mouth is art intensive) I'm trying to keep some level of creativity flowing throughout my week. Finding new artists who are currently working always inspires me and this week I hit the jackpot. Take a look at this video of Christine Sun Kim by The Selby and see what I mean.

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