September 28, 2012

Blood Brother

I wanted to share something near and dear to my heart. For the last year and a half or so my very close friends and boyfriend, Tyson, have been working on something absolutely incredible. One of our dearest friends, Rocky Braat, moved to India about 3 years ago to be a family to some of the most darling children in an AIDS orphanage. His best friend, Steve Hoover, decided to film a documentary about Rocky's life and Blood Brother is the fruit of both their efforts. 

Its a remarkable story about love, loss, sacrifice, and brotherhood and it is perhaps one of the most hauntingly beautiful films I have ever seen. The first screening was held in Pittsburgh last weekend at the Byham Theater. It was truly a unique experience to have our families and best friends all in one place.

Steve introducing the film

And I just have to say how inspired I am by Tyson and the work that he dedicated himself to; living in India for a short while to film, almost never coming back (so glad he did though...just sayin'), pulling many all-nighters, and working hard to stay true to Steve's original vision.

Rocky and his lovely wife Nimi came all the way from their home in Chennai.

I'm in love with this film. I think you will be too...

‘I often wonder what would it look like if all people resisted the temptation to focus on themselves and truly poured themselves out for the benefit of others.’ -Rocky Braat


  1. That is amazing.. is there anyway to watch it?

  2. Not yet, its being released to film festivals first and then hopefully will be made available after that.


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