October 11, 2012

Life Lately

This season of my life has felt like a whirlwind. Every few months a close friend is getting married, or moving, or going through something life-changing. Even the children I work with are growing up so fast (and others I wish would grow just a little faster...I think its time you start walking, C and H...). Its hard to just step back and breathe, you know? I'm hoping to get some much needed time in my favorite western PA woods this Saturday with a close girlfriend while the boyfriend is in the Ukraine for the next 10 days (that makes him sound like the stressful element in my life but nothing could be further from the truth). I hope at least, fall will take its time. Pittsburgh winters, hold off for just another month or so before the snow, will you?

[photos: Carnegie Museum of Art, garden goods, drive down to VA for my best friends wedding, saying goodbye to Charlottesville: All taken via iPhone with the VSCO app]

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