February 15, 2011

Google Art Project

Finally finally finally.
Have you ever tried to search for specific works of art through google or even through a museum's collection database? Usually you'll only find low resolution photos of works or tiny representations that leave you feeling less than satisfied. But all of that is now being put to an end.
Google has come out with a new site called Art Project which finally gives art aficionados a place to drool over art collections from around the world. I'm already addicted. They have famous works from museums like the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, The Palace of Versailles, and the MoMA to name a few. You can virtually walk through galleries and click on works of art to see high resolution photos and then you can even zoom into to see tiny details that you would hardly even be able to see in the museum itself (trust me, I've tried to get that close and have gotten reprimanded by the museum guards).

Here is a little behind the scenes video:

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