March 22, 2012

Something's Going Around

Well. My kiddos (not my own children, remember? I don't have those. I mean my 1-year-old "students") are dropping like flies. We only had 5 in our room today and we normally have 10. I have to say, I've grown really attached to those little guys and I hate to see them get sick. The big important thing that I am teaching them this week? How to touch their nose with their tongue, which of course they cannot do. So really its for my own personal amusement to see them try so hard. Plus they laugh like crazy when I do it. Its a win-win.

I'm also sad to say that my last ceramics class was tonight, and I didn't even have anything to do. Nothing to throw, nothing to glaze. Just a lot of waiting for things to come out of the kiln. Thats one of the hardest things about ceramics. Waiting patiently to see if what you've worked so hard on will survive the intense heating process. And now that this class is over, I'm moving on to a different kind of waiting. Waiting for the next time I can throw my own pottery. Hopefully on my own wheel.

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